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General FAQ’s

What does “holistic” mean?

The definition of holistic is, “emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts.” This is generally seen in contrast to reductionism where the total system is taken apart and studied as individual units.

A holistic approach to healing recognizes that the soul (emotions, mind and will), the spirit and the physical body are elements of a whole person, concentrating on the cause of the illness as well as symptoms. The underlying premise of holistic nutrition is that our bodies are designed to heal or self-regenerate for well over 100 years. It is normal for aging to bring change but not rapid degeneration.

Holistic nutrition works within the design of the body to support your own healing. As you feed your body the building materials it needs, it gets on with the job of re-building you on a daily basis. The quality of building materials is of critical importance to almost any system: computers, cars, airplanes, and yes, even you!

What is the difference between vitamins, minerals, herbs, essential oils and bio-identical hormones? With all the choices, how do I know which products to trust?

Let’s begin with the question of trust. With the massive loopholes in labeling, the number of products on the market, unethical practices of some vendors and limited capabilities of regulatory agencies, it is left to the consumer to decide who to trust.

Despite these hurdles, there is the potential for huge benefit to the individual who embraces self-care and learns how to use these powerful, natural health products with confidence. At PURIFIMe, we strive to empower you to move to that place of confidence quickly and with fewer detours to the strategies that work for you.

Vitamins and phytonutrients that come to us from foods provide the nutrients that feed the energy cycle of our cells. Like foods, these naturally come packaged as living complexes that our body knows how to use. Any part of a vitamin in synthetic form will not be as effective because each vitamin needs ALL of its synergists to function. Because there are literally hundreds of such synergists, we recommend whole food nutritional supplements.

Minerals come in two forms: organic and inorganic. We can easily digest organic minerals that we get from plant and animal food sources. Minerals are the activators that turn our food into energy at the cellular level. They also act to engage hormone systems throughout our body. Because minerals from plant or animal sources are the easiest to use, we recommend whole food nutritional supplements.

Herbal products have been used with great success for millennia, are well researched and quality products are very effective in supporting health. The main quality issues with herbs are the proper preparation of the herbal product and the therapeutic dosage of the product. Because there is no labeling law in the U.S., consumers have no idea what they are really purchasing. The products we recommend come from Australia where they have a strict herbal labeling law, allowing us confidence in the product and consistent results with our clients.

Essential oils are extracted from plants (many of which are also herbs) typically through steam distillation (although citrus oils are cold pressed) and have many therapeutic uses. There is a great deal of experience with the use of essential oils and much research on the effectiveness of use for supporting health. Like in the herbal market, unethical vendors often dilute the product with a cheaper plant or even with a synthetic version of the extract. The products we recommend are from a company who controls the quality process from seed to seal, typically on farms owned and managed by the company.

Bio-identical Hormones are a hot topic. Everyone wants a quick solution and hormones seem to promise that without the side effects of synthetic, pharmaceutical hormones. Although many Bio-ID hormones are available over the counter, we find that the body can be stimulated to balance hormones on its own with the proper nutrition.

Hormones we commonly see used are progesterone, estrogen, testosterone (by prescription), thyroid hormone (by prescription), DHEA, pregnenolone and melatonin. Often, you feel better immediately, yet over time begin to feel worse.

Our approach is to test, using hair mineral analysis and saliva tests, to determine your needs and then use nutrients (whole food supplements, herbal products and essential oils) to support the body in re-balancing itself. This process generally takes six to twelve months.

Why do I need nutritional supplementation even if I eat well?

The concept of eating well can be quite subjective. Do you mean the USDA Food Pyramid? Low-fat? Vegan?

Atkins? South Beach?

There are so many diet plans out there that we first need to establish what “eating healthy” means. The basic “eating healthy” plan asks the question, “What have healthy cultures of people eaten from the beginning of human history?”

The answers give us the following basic principles:

1. Real food is good for real people. Fake food (processed, enriched, homogenized, refined, bleached, hydrogenated, genetically modified, etc.) is not great for real people.

2. Protein and clean, non-processed fats are vital sources of nutrition. They are like the “logs” on the metabolic energy fire.

3. A wide variety of the color spectrum with vegetables is a great way to eat. Some cooked and some raw, but ideally they are local and in season.

4. Preparation methods along with the pace and attitude with which you enjoy your meal have a great impact on your health. Eat good food and enjoy it!

In addition, we have to evaluate modern food production, agricultural practices and distribution of foods. There are many articles and links to other sites available on our website to get even more information about this topic, but the main issues are:

1. Food production engineered for maximum harvest decreases nutritional value.

2. Transport of food decreases nutritional value.

3. Ongoing destruction of the beneficial bacteria in the soil has led us to the following problem:
In 1955, one cup of spinach contained the same amount of iron as 65 cups of spinach in 2007! That’s a significant decrease in iron.

Therefore, our conclusion is that IF you are able to eat a wide variety of high quality, organic foods on a regular basis and IF you are growing them yourself on land than has always been properly treated and are eating based on what is available locally and seasonally then you are likely doing great! If not, there is a good chance you could benefit from whole food supplementation.

What is the value of working with a Dr. of Holistic Nutrition vs. just buying supplements at a health food store?

If you want to explore self-care, natural health and holistic principles for health there is an overwhelming amount of information available. As you can see from the answers above, there is also disagreement and outright deception. A health care professional educated in holistic nutrition can guide you through the maze of options to support your goals in a way that fits your lifestyle. This will save you time, money, lost opportunity and frustration.

How do you determine what I need to take?

We use a full case history, subjective and objective testing, and your own goals to guide what you will need and in what order. The body has a priority schedule on what needs to be fixed from the beginning and what comes later. We work with you to give you what you need, as you can use it. The result is that you ultimately get results faster and with less expense than other approaches that may prove to just be temporary.

What are the payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa/Mastercard/Discover/American Express and checks.

Do you take insurance?

No, we do not take insurance.

What is the format for appointments? Do they have to be in person?

Initial appointments are typically in person, although they can also be conducted by phone or a video chat. Follow up nutrition appointments are at client’s convenience for in-person, by phone or video chat. On-going coaching appointments are typically by phone.

Recharge Program

Is a cleanse right for me?

The 21 Day whole food cleanse is an amazing program that will benefit most people. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation to answer your specific questions. Although the cleanse is the appropriate place to start for most people, it is not always the first recommendation. For example, the program is not appropriate for women or men actively trying to conceive or women who are pregnant or nursing.

Will I lose weight during the cleanse?

Most likely. Men lose an average of 12-15 lbs. and women lose and average of 6-8 lbs. Results vary but almost everyone experiences some level of weight loss.

Can I work out during the cleanse?

Yes. Typically, the first week is the most challenging but most people continue at the level of physical exertion they are currently engaged in. You will get advice on the types of exercise and the level of exertion recommended based on your specific circumstances. It is not advised to cleanse during if you are increasing training for a significant athletic event (i.e. marathon, triathlon, mountain climb, etc.). Although, it is a great way to tune up your health as you begin your training.

What do I need to prepare for our first appointment?

Before our first appointment, be sure to follow the links in the e-mail you receive to complete the Success Strategy Session Survey (your complete health history & more) and the Systems Survey. These will give us a picture of your history, current status and your goals.

Why do I need to support my body in detoxification?

Our body is always in a mode of detox. The question is how effective are our major organs of detox (liver, kidney, skin, lungs, bowel) and what are we exposed to every day? There are vitamins, minerals, herbs and essential oils that support the natural detox of your body. Also there is value in certain foods such as Brussels sprouts, kale, broccoli and other green leafy veggies to support this process.

However, you may not know that many toxic metals make themselves at home in your organs nutrient minerals are actually needed. They are like a key that fits just well enough to go in, but not well enough to actually unlock the process. As you replenish your body with good minerals, over time, the toxic ones will dislodge and your body will flush them out.

In today’s world, we encounter many more toxins than our body was designed to handle and we are eating less nutrients that support healthy function of the detoxification process. Because of this, many people choose to support detox by going through the Recharge Program or by starting on a nutritional program that incorporates detox as part of the goal.

Restore Program

How long does this program last?

The Restore program involves specialized testing designed to get at the root causes of your symptoms. The program typically lasts four months but can stretch to six months if we decide to do additional testing and then adjust the initial customized protocol. Rest assured, we will take the time we need to get you on the right path to your goals.

What do I need to prepare for our first appointment?

Before our first appointment, we will take your hair sample and ship it to the lab. If this is your first step with PURIFIMe, be sure to follow the links in the e-mail you received to complete the Success Strategy Session Survey (your complete health history & more) and the Systems Survey. These will give us a picture of your history, current status and your goals.

Watching the videos on the member site will also give you insight on what to expect from your test results. Once you get your own test results, you will want to watch the specific videos recommended. Watching these before we meet is helpful in your understanding and will allow you to more fully participate in the strategy we develop.

What is the Member Site?

The member site is an online resource accessible by PURIFIMe clients that includes holistic nutrition strategies for common health issues such as: Digestive Bliss, Adrenal Strength, Blood Sugar Balance, Thyroid Strength, Female Hormone Balance, Male Hormone Balance, Immune Strength, Detox Your Life (Diet/Home/Body Care) and more! In addition, you have access to the resources and videos available in the program you purchased.

Renew Program

Why work with an Intrinsic Coach vs. Conventional Therapist?

Intrinsic coaching begins with the perspective of serving (vs. fixing or helping). The service is to support you in finding your best thinking. There is an underlying confidence that you are capable, creative and complete in yourself to solve whatever challenge you are facing. The coach is only there to serve you in uncovering the solutions that already reside within you.

The process with an expert in nutrition and natural health, as well as intrinsic coaching, is a double bonus. Innovative solutions as you work through your goals for all of your life.

I’ve taken a personality test, are your assessments the same thing?

The assessments are not a personality test. Personality is more about how you present yourself to the world. These assessments are about why you present yourself that way – your core communication style, what motivates you and drives your passions and what are the patterns of thinking behind your choices. Taken together, these three assessments provide amazing insight and when used in an intrinsic coaching environment, support further your personal awareness.

What do I need to prepare for our first appointment?

Complete the three assessments (approximately 40 minutes). These are best completed in one timeframe without interruption or distractions.