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PURIFIMe grew from my personal journey in dealing with symptoms in myself and my family from the stress of modern life. After years of taking medicine to “fix” our symptoms, I realized that my family and I were not broken – simply out of balance. It was time to change our perspective.

Since embarking on this journey in 1998, it is my personal experience and education that led me to become a passionate practitioner and advocate for holistic solutions. Today I would say that I no longer view “health” as goal to be reached or symptoms as something to be “fixed.” My new goal is to live with full aliveness – experiencing peace and joy as I navigate the life before me moment by moment.

Dr. Elizabeth Naylor

Dr. of Holistic Nutrition
Certified Intrinsic Coach

And I’m here to guide you along the same path as your partner in the journey of wellness.

I will support you through recommended diet changes, supplement advice, coaching to find your best thinking about health issues and referrals for complementary healing modalities.

– Elizabeth


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