: praise given for achievement


“We considered ourselves healthy eaters—my husband is a marathon runner and focuses on healthy lifestyle—so we really thought we were doing okay. The testing and process really opened our eyes.”


“As I turned 62 I had resigned myself to being the weight I was, taking the current medication for reflux (at least 15 years), blood pressure, and bone density and being constantly tried and fuzzy headed. All of these serious health issues seemed to get no better with the medication prescribed by my doctor. I had read much in the health magazines about the dangers of reflux medication and that prescribed for bone density, but I was resigned to just not feeling very well for the rest of my life. Then Elizabeth introduced to the 21 Day Purification Program designed by Standard Process. After the first of these programs I realized that I felt better than I had felt in a long time. I had more energy, was feeling calmer and better able to focus on the task at hand, reading, playing games, movies, lectures etc. After a year of working together on different supplements I am now free of any burning from reflux, and am no longer on any prescriptive medication for any of the diagnosed medical issues. We are still working together to determine what are the levels of supplements needed to rebuild bones and to maintain all levels of health.”


“I came into this Vitality series really cranky, feeling sorry for myself, unappreciated and abused by my family. Now, today, when I look back I’m not feeling unappreciated/undervalued any more. My motivation is now clear. For my family I want to create opportunities, I want to create moments that I can treasure. I believe it important. This whole series has been tremendous. I began to feel optimistic. I appreciated the chance just to sit aside time and just think about me. I found the time delicious. Those sorts of paradigms are not ones I love doing because I think I recoil a little but about being pegged. I think what made it easier to track what Elizabeth was talking about with this paradigm was the whole notion of people are not static, you’re not stuck in one place. So I really appreciated the freedom that came from seeing the numbers, the bars, the diamonds, and the circles. They represented a picture and I took it as an invitation to look at that picture.”

Mary Ellen Lehmann