: to begin again, especially with enthusiasm.


Renew your focus for a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Learn the thinking behind your choices to replace reactive behavior with purposeful action.

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For coaching, you’ll begin with three assessments that provide insight to the thinking behind your choices. In subsequent coaching sessions, we’ll discover together how this thinking intersects with what motivates you and your communication style to impact your life.

Why Choose Coaching?

The coaching experience provides you with the support to find your best thinking in all areas of your life – health, relationships, work and passions. When you become aware of the thinking behind your choices an increased self awareness naturally follows.

You become more adept at moving reflexive and reactionary thinking as you develop the skills to make more purposeful decisions. Increased resiliency and reduced stress in all areas of life are the results.

The Experience

• Coaching Assessment – A 3-part online assessment

• 1:1 Coaching – Initial Debrief Session followed by weekly coaching sessions over 90 days

• Greater understanding of how your thinking impacts your life and the skills to support best thinking.

Benefits :

• More purposeful and thoughtful actions driven by goals

• Improved relationships – personally and professionally

• Reduced stress – personally and professionally

• Affirmation of your passions – personally and professionally

• Reduced anxiety, more energy, improved sleep and MORE!