: to return to original condition by repairing it.


Restore your body by addressing symptoms through a customized plan designed just for you. We guide you in creating a strong foundation for your health.

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The Details

Full Health Review – To begin, we will sit down and go through your full health story. This is a 90-minute strategy session. We will approach your health in a holistic way. The foundations we set into place will support your body to do what it does best – Heal.

YOUR Health Goals – The strategies we use will be designed specifically for YOUR goals, not just a standard program.

Functional Testing – We begin with a hair mineral analysis. Additional testing such as nutritional analysis of blood work or saliva testing may be recommended based on your results.*Hair Mineral Analysis included. Other testing involves an additional charge.

What is the Hair Mineral Analysis?

For the Hair Mineral Analysis, we take a sample of your hair, which can reveal the root causes of your exhaustion, anxiety, resistant weight gain, hormonal imbalance and immune dysfunction.

This analysis reveals the functional balance of your hormonal symptoms at the cellular level – where it matters! These systems include your sex hormones, blood sugar, thyroid and adrenal hormones.

The Experience

For a minimum of 4 months, we will work together to support your health journey. Whether you are looking to address a specific symptom or proactively seeking a path to live and age well – we will set the foundation you need to move forward.


• Monthly check-in appointments to monitor and adjust strategy as needed.

• Achieving your health goals with a holistic approach and nutritional products

• Increased confidence in understanding your own self and symptoms

• Confidence to know how to source quality products and nutrient-dense foods for your health needs

• Life skills to take on your path to holistic wellness

• Online support provided through emails and resources on our member site.